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photography / symmetry

The section every good portfolio website should have - a photography section. What is better than seeing the world through someone else's eyes?

branding / chronographie

Imagine the most stylish clothing shop in Toronto, now reimagine it. This is a personal project of mine to create some interesting branding, and also advertising.

design / 3d low polygon

Although graphic design and photography are the areas I love most, 3D design has started to become an area with new and exciting avenues of creativity for me.

branding / little spoon cafe

The Little Spoon Cafe, imagine a cosy, small but bustling cafe in downtown Toronto, where university students tap away on their MacBooks...

design / visit iceland

If I had a favourite format in which I enjoyed graphic design the most, it would be for posters. If they said film tells a million words...

photography / creatives

Does beauty really lie in the eye of the beholder,  or is it a series of chemical and electrical impulses to create a positive reaction?

design / logos

Logos and symbols are everywhere, they tell you what you need to know fast. Here are a few I've created either for imaginary places, or real existing businesses.

photography / music

Toronto acoustic guitar musician, Dallas Sutherland, has been a good friend of mine for many years now. So, I offered to attend his gigs and take a few photos.