Paws Mobile Concept

This pet welfare app was designed and animated for a client proposal, as part of my User Experience Design certificate in college.

PRS Guitars Concept

Product pages don’t need to be plan and boring. Put some style into them, and design visually to strike a chord with the user.

Ryobi Mobile Concept

This is a personal project in which I created a mobile design for Ryobi and animated its User Experience navigation and functionality.


Imagine the most stylish clothing shop in Toronto, now reimagine it. This is a personal project of mine to create some interesting branding and advertising.

Mobile Call Screen Concept

Here is a concept which displays a clean and simple calling app, and showcases how audio can be used with UX/UI experience.

Shaping Alberta’s Future Print

A province-wide political campaign for Shaping Alberta’s Future. Printed in Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Sun, Lethbridge Herald.

Little Spoon Cafe

The Little Spoon Cafe, imagine a cosy, small but bustling cafe in downtown Toronto, where university students tap away on their MacBooks...

Globetrotter Travel Concept

Who doesn’t love to travel? I’ve been fortunate to travel to many great places and experience many unforgettable things..


Logos are everywhere, they tell you what you need to know fast. Here are a few I've created either for imaginary places, or real existing businesses.

MoreMotion Concept

This is a proof of concept for a Multimedia Agency, called 'MoreMotion'. Providing a wide array of multimedia services in both French and English.

Iconic Car Illustrations

In my spare time I like to play around with cars, no, not toy cars, real cars. Also in my spare time I like to illustrate the cars that appeal to me.

Science Weekly Concept

A proof of concept showcasing a source for all who love science. Learn about Nature, Space, and other science related topics.

3D Low Polygon

I feel as a Designer, it’s never good to limit yourself to one area, one dimension. Experiment, learn, push your limits of what you think is possible in design.


Animations are fun to make, giving movement to the motionless. These are a few of my favourites, made in Adobe After Effects.


The section every good portfolio website should have - a photography section. What is better than seeing the world through someone else's eyes?

Dallas Sutherland CD Artwork

Toronto acoustic guitar musician, Dallas Sutherland, has been a good friend of mine for many years now. So I designed his album artwork.

Visit Iceland

If I had a favourite format in which I enjoyed graphic design the most, it would be for posters. If they said film tells a million words...