Welcome to my portfolio


The section every good portfolio website should have - a photography section. What is better than seeing the world through someone else's eyes?

Scotia iTrade ETF Tool & Video

A tool and video I designed and built for Scotia iTrade whilst working at Rich Media. The purpose is to explain and offer advice on ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).


Imagine the most stylish clothing shop in Toronto, now reimagine it. This is a personal project of mine to create some interesting branding, and also advertising.

ivari My Investment Profile Tool

A tool and personalized PDF I designed and built for ivari whilst working at Rich Media. The purpose is to offer advice on investments.

Little Spoon Cafe

The Little Spoon Cafe, imagine a cosy, small but bustling cafe in downtown Toronto, where university students tap away on their MacBooks...

MD ExO Direct Video

One in a series of videos for MD Financial I created whilst at Rich Media. This video shows the user how to automatically invest by using the ExO Direct system.


Logos and symbols are everywhere, they tell you what you need to know fast. Here are a few I've created either for imaginary places, or real existing businesses.

3D Low Polygon

Although graphic design and photography are the areas I love most, 3D design has started to become an area with new and exciting avenues of creativity for me.


Animations are fun to make, giving movement to the motionless. These are a few of my favourites, made in Adobe After Effects.

Shoppers Drug Mart Creatives

Does beauty really lie in the eye of the beholder,  or is it a series of chemical and electrical impulses to create a positive reaction?

Visit Iceland

If I had a favourite format in which I enjoyed graphic design the most, it would be for posters. If they said film tells a million words...

Dallas Sutherland CD Artwork

Toronto acoustic guitar musician, Dallas Sutherland, has been a good friend of mine for many years now. So, I offered to attend his gigs and take a few photos.