Toronto acoustic guitar musician, Dallas Sutherland, has been a good friend of mine for many years now. We first met while working at the same company, and I offered to attend his gigs and take a few photos, both of him performing and also portraits. I was excited when he asked me to design the artwork for his first album ' Silver Birch Sessions'. The album artwork was from a portrait I took before he went on stage one night, it was a quick portrait which due to the dim indoor light, turned out very atmospheric, perfect for an album cover.

The CD cover was based on a Guinness beer bottle label, which I was drinking before the show, and seemed appropriate considering the venues Dallas performs at. The small features which make it unique are the guitar splitting the date, and 6 guitar strings with a guitar pick over them. The pick and date are significant as the date is Dallas' birth year, and the pick is his favourite model of guitar pick.