My MacBook Pro died... what now? Part One.

My MacBook Pro died... what now? Part One.

So the title says it all, my MacBook Pro finally gave up the ghost and passed over to silicone heaven, the place where all the calculators go. It was a good, long run. Full of happy moments, sad moments, annoying moments, and, well just, moments.  Sadly, the MacBook Pro part of my life is now officially over, I have ended my mourning, moved on, and I am ready to take a new bite out of my Apple experience.

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Loblaw Digital Hackathon - In Review

As a person with many interests, one of them being videography, creating videos has always been an interest which only in the last few years has started to gain greater traction in my work.

This video was created by myself for the 2016 Loblaw Digital Hackathon. The titles sequences at both the beginning and the end of the video were made by using Adobe Flash and Illustrator, whilst everything was edited inside Apple Final Cut Pro X.