Cyan Tower

Canadian National Tower.

It's nice to go downtown every once in a while, usually when summer has past, as it's much cooler and less crowded.

The amount of times people don't look up though is amazing, and by forgetting to do so you will miss out on all the interesting details. Sure you might want to be window shopping or battling inside in a mall, but slow down once in a while and look upwards... there's plenty of rich architecture to see.

If you look to the left, you will see the Canadian National tower, more commonly know as the CN Tower (everyone loves an abbreviation). The 3rd tallest tower in the world- not bad you might say, and if you are daring enough you can go walking around the outside. Knock yourself out and live all those Tom Cruise 'Mission Impossible' fantasies, or if you are not brave enough, do a Drake and superimpose yourself on the top.