All smiles, no frowns.

Always smiling.

I feel too many people frown (I know I do). Maybe it's because of work, they don't enjoy what they are doing and wish for a change, or someone they dislike is annoying them, or perhaps they are just having a bad day;  there are many things that can cause us to frown. I'm not a psychologist, but we should all start to relax a little, breathe in a few times and look at the world and smile. It really is a beautiful place, a place we should be protecting and treating as our home (which it is, remember?).

Take for example this Gypsy, this is his "job", to play the accordion for spare change. Still, he manages to smile and be thankful, much more than some people who have it all.

Take from it what you will, but I feel we just need to be a little less self-absorbed, stop taking selfies and counting "likes" for a minute, and look at what is around you. You will be surprised.